Yanga 2019



Creative Strategy, Creative Direction, Art Direction


In an effort to revive the interest in the Levi's brand in 2018 Levi's chose Yanga as their partner in Israel. In that partnership was a national campaign including a TV advertisement, social media campaigns, and a Google campaign.

In addition to the campaign, Levi's women's jeans were sold exclusively in either Levi's stores or Yanga stores in Israel, and The shops' window was redesigned along with in-store dedicated "Denim zone".

Photographer: Daniel Jackont // Stylist: Mor Pozniak // Video Photographer and Editor: Alon Daniel // Creative Strategy & Creative Direction: Joe Grinbaum



Yanga's stores are small stores with a large opening which makes the windows an intricate part of the store and the marketing of the brand.

For the Levi's campaign, the mannequins wore jeans with a Yanga top, details from the jeans were highlighted with hand-drawn white marks on the window and a campaign image was hanging in the background.

Artboard – 1@2x.png


Inside the stores, a section was allocated for Levi's Jeans and T-shirts with Yanga's own denim jacket collection and other complementary items.

Artboard – 3@2x.png
Artboard – 4@2x.png
Artboard – 2@2x.png


As common with fashion videos the objective was to invoke a feeling in the viewer in this case it was a carefree feeling.

In the Yanga spirit, the idea was to show the moment "in-between" in the video. Our two heroines are running away from someone covered in Levi's denim, did they steal these jeans? 

Probably, but they have no care in the world now that they finally got their Levi's.


Denim Madness