Yanga 2018-2019


Tone & Style

Creative Strategy, Creative Direction, Art Direction


Yanga is a leading Israeli fashion brand that stands out among retailers in Israel thanks to its' unique fashion, personal connection to its' customers, and a focus on perfecting the little details.


Yanga offers clothing items in limited series so that every customer feels unique and knows that they will not see their clothes on anyone else. The brand's design team creates up-to-date and special collections that make for a unique, feminine, and precise look, thanks to classic items with a designer twist.

Due to the fast turnover and small amount per SKU the brand has to hold a photoshoot every week for the newest and most relevant products. It is imperative that a brand sends a clear and recognizable message through all its' content.

Photographer: Daniel Jackont // Stylist: Mor Pozniak // Creative Strategy & Creative Direction: Joe Grinbaum



The Yanga DNA calls for outdoor photoshoots with wild nature as the background, using natural textures like grass, sky, plants, and sometimes looking for a vintage urban setting with crumbling walls and some rusting metal.



Natural light is key for the Yanga DNA, Direct sunlight and contrasting shadows are best but using moody window lighting is optional too.



The Yanga model sees herself as a soft feminine woman that might live in the city but dreams about life in the countryside. She is the one in her friend group that stands out for all the right reasons, just by being herself. 

A Yanga model can come in any skin tone, size, or height, and she always brings her best friend with her wherever she goes.

Yanga photo by Daniel Jackont_Joe grinba
Yanga photo by Daniel Jackont_Joe grinba
Yanga photo by Daniel Jackont_Joe grinba
Yanga photo by Daniel Jackont_Joe grinba
יאנגה yanga קולקציית חג בטרמינל X. צילום


The Yanga stores and the visual and graphic language were inspired by the idea of the brand as a sort of magical wardrobe where every customer can find that one piece that was made just for her.

Yangs's photographic language reflects that idea with still life photography. Creating outfits that encompass the brand's core values and placing them in locations that match the brand's style.